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At BioMimetic Systems we focus our technology on acoustic applications; our research and development efforts examine ways tolocalize and identify sounds in a variety of difficult reverberant environments, any where from mountainous terrain to urban areas to crowded rooms. Using the mammalian auditory system, e.g. those of bats and dolphins as a model, we create systems capable of detecting, identifying, localizing, and tracking sounds in those environments that feature confounding background noise such as echoes, loud intrusive sounds, traffic noise, or cocktail party chatter. Our technology applications use mixtures of analog and digital hardware with an asynchronous signaling method modeled on neurological function called event based processing. The net effect is our creation of sensors that have broad dynamic range, robust performance, and are highly adaptable to whatever environmental conditions they are subjected.

Our patented acoustic processing technology is based on signal processing algorithms for human hearing. The algorithms can be realized in both hardware and software for various applications. The algorithms have been implemented in discrete analog, analog VLSI, and several digital platforms. The algorithms can be programmed to discriminate multiple classes of acoustic signatures. The system can detect sound sources, both continuous or transient, over a broad range of frequencies. The algorithms selectively localize specific sound sources in azimuth and elevation based on acoustic signatures.


There are many applications for acoustic recognition and direction finding. In the military and law enforcement sectors the sensors can be deployed on many platforms to provide mission specific information. Some uses include unmanned ground sensors, helmet mounted sniper detection, robotic platforms, vehicle mounted sensors, and urban gunshot detection.

PinPoint™ Sniper Detection System


BMS, in joint development with Cobham plc, has developed the PinPoint™ product line. PinPoint provides the capability in both urban and rural environments to rapidly locate the source of hostile fire, and provide accurate range, bearing, and elevation information to the user and the Battle Management System. Our technology provides significant improvements over current systems due to the use of advanced architecture, time-domain acoustic processing, and neuroscience. It has high performance in noisy, reverberant urban "canyons."


  • Small form-factor sensor array
  • Reverberation tolerant
  • Programmable mission options
  • Fast response time
  • Adaptable sensor array geometries
  • Provides range, bearing and elevation
  • Interface for audio, visual and digital alert
  • Flexible vehicle mounting options
  • High performance in urban environments
  • Sniper round-type intelligence


Soldier Wearable


Robotic Systems


User Displays


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