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BioMimetic Systems in the News

Video shows off PinPoint systems

"Cobham's PinPoint™ Gunshot Detection System provides the capability in both urban and rural environments to rapidly locate the source of hostile fire... the system provides significant improvements over current systems due to the use of advanced architecture, time-domain acoustic processing, and neuroscience."

Equipment for the war on terror (Russian)

"...Cobham... in collaboration with BioMimetic Systems (BMS) has developed a new family of acoustic shot detection systems, designated PinPoint... Data are presented as an audio message, or appear on the screen in the form of a wristwatch size 45 × 51 mm..."

Robot gives snipers owl eyes

"...When a shot is fired, the incoming sound waves pass over four microphones, and a processor parses the data to pinpoint the source of the sound, all in a few milliseconds. The system can recognize weapons by their report, and thus ignore friendly fire..."

Developers Choose iRobot Platforms To Create Robot Applications

"...BioMimetic Systems, has developed a payload prototype dubbed the REDOWL (Robot Enhanced Detection Outpost with Lasers) for the iRobot PackBot. It is an acoustic detection system that allows soldiers and first responders to locate snipers and mortars once the first shot is fired at personnel or vehicles..."

BioMimetic Systems, Inc

"BioMimetic Systems specializes in cutting edge sensor technology that focuses on acoustics for military, industrial, and medical applications..."

iRobot and Boston Univ. Photonics Center Unveil Advanced Sniper Detection System for iRobot PackBot

"...REDOWL features an Acoustic Direction Finding (ADF) system developed by BioMimetic Systems. The ADF is based on advanced 'neural circuits'; emulating human hearing and provides accurate detection and bearing information in high background noise environments..."

BU technology is the brain behind new military robot prototype

"... 'Initially we were only thinking about medical applications,' says Socrates Deligeorges (ENG '96, '04), president of BioMimetic Systems, who invented the technology used in REDOWL. 'We are specifically modeling human hearing, to make [a sensor] behave like a human being or an animal would behave.'..."

Battlefield robot can detect snipers

"...The system pairs optical equipment from Insight Technology Inc. with acoustic sensors from BioMimetic Systems. The devices are built into in a book-sized metal box weighing about 5 pounds and mounted atop an arm extending from a PackBot..."

Researchers equip robot with sniper-detecting capability

"...In field tests last month at a firing range, the system was successful 94% of the time in locating the source of more than 150 rounds from 9 mm pistols and M-16 and AK-47 rifles fired from more than 100 meters away..."

Robotic-vacuum maker, BU team up on antisniper device

"...'You'll actually see the sniper before the smoke disappears from the shot,' said Joe Dyer, iRobot's executive vice president and general manager..."

Advanced Sniper Detection System For iRobot PackBot Unveiled

"...'Combining optics and acoustics systems together with iRobot's PackBot to detect and locate a source of hostile fire or track moving vehicles, day or night, is a first in systems integration for unmanned vehicles.'..."

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